Friday, May 17, 2013

"Take Me Home" with Amber and Sam Jaeger (2011)

Claire Barrow’s husband is cheating on her; and would be photographer Thom Colvin can’t sell his work. The illegal cab he owns is not making enough money to even keep a roof over his head when these two mismatched people find themselves together on a cross country trip to scatter Claire’s recently deceased father’s ashes to the wind.

Claire has everything, a successful life and husband, while Thom can’t get off the ground. His past relationships have failed and his parents have no idea what he really does for a living. When Claire finds her husband with a co-worker in a compromising state, she decides to chuck it all and grabs the first cab she sees; which belongs to Thom. Instructing him to drive in no particular direction, the two begin a series of misadventures which take them to Las Vegas and ultimately on to the West Coast, where Claire is re-united with her sisters and their father’s ashes are scattered.

But what happens when Claire’s husband arrives, whisking her back to New York, leaving Thom alone and a bit broken from the journey? Deciding that he must continue on his own, he remains in California. But Claire has trouble relinquishing the new freedoms she has found with Thom, and is faced with a very big decision. Will she remain in her present circumstances, or take a chance on Thom? This is a quirky, off beat film which will leave you smiling about what I label the “human condition.” 

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