Tuesday, May 7, 2013

"Osso Bucco" with Mike Starr and Illeana Douglas (2008)

As the biggest snow storm to hit Chicago arrives, three couples find themselves stranded in the same restaurant. Unbeknownst to 2 of them, they are all inter-connected. The first couple is a pair of wise guys, Jelly Dinotto, played by Mike Starr, and his cousin Nick, who are on an errand for their boss.  They have stopped off to eat while waiting for their connection. Nick does not know that Jelly is planning on leaving the mob. The second couple is a pair of inept police officers; armed with a warrant; who are there to arrest them.

And finally, the third couple is the restaurant manager and his girlfriend, Megan, played by Illeana Douglas, who is the object of Jelly’s affections. When her boyfriend insults her in front of the patrons, Jelly insists on an apology from him. To further complicate matters, there is only one order of Osso Bucco, a veal dish, left, and two very opposing patrons who want it.

As the two detectives become involved; while trying to exercise their warrant; things go awry quickly, leaving everyone in doubt as to the outcome of the night’s events.

Soon, the weather worsens; the lights go out; and Megan finds herself the only one left armed with a gun. This night will change the lives of all 6 people involved; depending on what Megan does; and what Jelly allows to happen. This is a darkly romantic, fast paced film about love and veal. 

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