Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Two Guitars - Nesting?

I am not the greatest guitar player in the world; although I probably do enjoy it more than most. Never had a lesson; and it shows; which limits me to simple songs and ballads, along with lots of folk and gospel; but I am capable of figuring out alternative approaches to some of the big band stuff and movie soundtracks; which always amazes me when I do it well, since that happens so rarely.

The other day was a frosty and sleet driven day and I had been out for a few hours in the teeth of the weather. When I came home, one of my guitars; the ash Washburn D-11; was not in its usual place. So, I went looking for it, mainly because all of my things are usually in the place where I last left them, so this was kind of a mystery.

Strolling from room to room yielded no quick answer to this puzzle, which was fast becoming more than a bit annoying. So, I decided to check the one place I was sure I wouldn't find it. The downstairs computer room! Knowing that if the guitar was indeed in that room it was there of its own accord, I crept up as quietly as I could, until I was just outside the slightly ajar door. Quietly, and as softly as possible, I swung the door open and caught them “nesting”. They were a bit embarrassed to be caught in such a compromising state; even musical instruments enjoy their privacy; but apart from the Washburn being a little out of tune from making such an arduous journey; we were soon making music again.

The only thing that bothers me about the whole mysterious affair is that theWashburn is starting to show; so I would guess that we’re expecting a little ukulele anytime now.

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