Thursday, August 16, 2012

Midnight - For God and Country

Midnight, the community cat, could have been in the Navy. He is capable of sleeping anywhere, at any time. Here he is, asleep at 5 in the afternoon, after a grueling day of sleeping elsewhere around the yard. Hey, nobody said it would be easy.

Sometimes he sleeps on the concrete for the warmth; and at other times he sleeps there for the coolness of it; as in temperature wise; he already knows he’s cool. This photo is not staged in any way. I did not remove the winde bottle from between his paws, or anything like that. It’s just Midnight doing what he does best.

He began to stay with us about a year ago, and is now pretty much a fixture around our house; though he still does sleep on a neighbor’s porch occasionally, which makes me a bit jealous. I mean, I am the one who feeds him!

Though I’m allergic to him; and don’t generally even like cats; Midnight has grown to be a welcome sight each morning when I go to get the paper. He meows at me, and foolishly, I meow back. We have an understanding, of sorts. I think.

He cowers to the thunder and lightning, taking refuge in my garage where I visit with him every 30 minutes or so, just to let him know it’s going to be okay. Really, I’m looking to him for some reassurance; figuring cats have an extra sense when it comes to impending disasters like floods, etc. I may feed him today, but he just may save me some time in the future. You never can tell.

Well, I had better go check on Midnight, it’s been about an hour since I took that photo, and he’s probably getting ready to go out and wreck some other poor cats home. Hey, it wouldn’t be the first time.

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