Friday, August 3, 2012

"Lung of Love" by Amy Ray (2012)

Amy Ray and Emily Saliers, who first met as students in elementary school in Georgia, have been together for a long time now as the Indigo Girls. They began performing together in high school, and continued in college, releasing their first album in 1987. That album, and all the ones which came after it, are insightful, witty and strong. And, so it is with Amy Ray’s first solo effort, “Lung of Love.”
From the opening polish of “When You’re Gone, You’re Gone”, followed by the slightly poppish “Glow”, the album goes through a number of musical changes and styles, yet all deniably Ms. Ray.  The Christian- Rockabilly number “The Rock is My Foundation” is a real winner, as it begins in an old revival manner, ending up solidly in the 21st century, both technically, as well as lyrically.
There is aggression, contentment and everything in between on this album. Lyrically, Ms. Ray is as strong as ever. And musically, she has grown in a way which enables her to stretch her wings a bit, trying on a new hat here and there. It’s hard for an audience to accept change, but this album is worth the time. When Amy Ray hits Charlotte again, I’ll be there!

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