Thursday, August 30, 2012

Boycott Products from India

Sometimes it is hard to understand the minds of other people. Rajesh Shah, in the city of Ahmedabad, north of Mumbai in India, has opened a store there named after Hitler, claiming that he never heard of the man until a few weeks ago. And then he opened his business. He has a whole story about why he chose that name, but, there can be no logical explanation behind this story other than a love of Adolph Hitler and a hatred for Jews, Gypsies, Poles, Catholics, and the list goes on and on. Doesn’t Rajesh Shah understand that according to Hitler he is inferior? Hitler loved the blonde haired-blue eyed set.
Look at Rajesh Shah, proudly holding the card bearing the name of a man who would have enslaved him. Hitler felt that dark skinned people were mentally deficient, and one has to wonder if Rajesh Shah is proof of that assertion. If that sounds harsh, well, you’ll just have to forgive me; I’m only a Jew. Please take note of the smiling Indian policeman standing at the upper left in the photo. If ignorance is bliss, this is the second most ignorant man in the world, behind Rajesh Shah, of course.
There is a disturbing trend worldwide towards a surge in Anti-Semitism lately. Take this wonderful photo of Hitler Wine in Italy from last week as an example. In complete violation of the law in Italy, which mirrors those in Germany, banning the glorification of Hitler’s name, as well as the use of the swastika, these morons have released a line of wine cleverly marketed as being commemorative. Yes, let‘s all drink some Hitler wine and don our Hitler clothing in honor of the biggest mass murderer in history.
Personally, I have called the Italian and Indian embassies to voice my concern. While the Italian Embassy seemed to take the issue seriously, the Indian Embassy was virtually unreachable except through a laborious process by e-mail. And even then, the message did not go through.

The best I can suggest; if this kind of thing upsets you; is to boycott all goods from these 2 nations until they decide to join the human race again.


  1. Using Hitler's name is one thing, activily promoting racism & ant-semitism another. I happen to be of Indian descent and while we may idolize Hitler & the Nazis, we have never in the history of our country, persecuted Jews nor placed any legal restrictions on them. Besides, boycotting products from an entire country because of poor choice of name, speaks volumes about how butthurt you are.

  2. Hey Anonymous- you're right. Boycotting wine which extolls the virtue of a man who killed 6 million people of my faith proves without a doubt that their murder still troubles me. As for India having never passed a law persecuting Jews, well that's because you're too busy raping your own women on the bus... Peace brother!

    1. Not that you are any better, killing Palestinean civilians and forcing your own women to sit on the back of the bus. Again, what Hitler did was terrible, but how come most people don't remember the 16 million non-jewish Soviet civilians who too were killed in ww2 or the millions of Congolese who perished during the Congo free state?

    2. Do you not realize that Hitler killed those 16 million Russians as well? And the free Congo thing would never have happened were it not for the de-colonization bought about by the World War he began. We corrected our mistakes concerning racial bigotry and even today look for better ways to include everyone in the world family. You, however, seem to be stuck in past- yearning for the good old days of Hitler. To each his own- and now- I say Good Day to you!

  3. I'm glad you brought this Nazi shop to my attention, I will make a point of not shopping there. I hope in return you will boycott Israeli products in protest of their occupation of Palestine and Jerusalem. Solidarity brother.

  4. that happened 70+ years ago.. get over it