Friday, June 1, 2012

This Should Scare You.

This should scare you. Conservative radio talk shows have been airing this rant from the Reverend Farrakhan all week long; and the scary part is that they are in AGREEMENT with him on almost every talking point.

No doubt, the good Reverend is the most effective speaker since Adolph Hitler, and therein lies the concern you should have when it comes to the axis of these two theologically different groups. There must be a common purpose at work here. But figuring out just what it is will take more than one viewing of this tirade. And that’s what it is; a tirade.
So, as you watch this video, be careful; there may be portions of it with which you think you agree; but tread carefully. There are so many nuances which are really at the core of what he is saying, yet he leads you to the many different doors without ever opening one of them for a closer examination. But, then again, that is just what he does. And he’s been doing it for almost 50 years now.

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