Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My Shrinking World

This used to be my stomping ground. I sailed, flew, bicycled and walked most of the world 3 times. But that was a long time ago; at least it seems that way now. My world has shrunk in size due to some physical problems. I am plagued by bad bones. They inhibit my ability to travel too far from home. I miss the traveling in so many ways. I took my last trip to New York City; where I was born and raised; last year. I’m glad I did it then. This year is my 40th High School Reunion, which will be held in New York, of course, and I will not be able to make it. But, in so many ways I will be able to partake of the festivities. There’s Facebook and all of the other social media sites which help keep us connected, even when we can’t make the trip.

This is the extent of my world on most days now. I’m not complaining. I lived my life backwards, traveling when I was young, and it has worked out well.  I have seen most of the things I wanted to see; and experienced all that really interested me. So, on that score I feel comfortable. I suppose that it is the reality of my limitations which bothers me the most.
Pain does not trump desire; when I see a tree worth climbing, I still want to climb it. I really do want to walk around the park, and go to the zoo. I’m just not ready for one of those electric go-cart things. Hell, I don’t even use my cane when I can avoid it. So, my world is shrinking, shriveling up like the Wicked Witch of the West when Dorothy splashed the water on her in the Wizard of Oz. “I’m melting!”
Blogging helps. The e-mails I get from people who enjoy what I write make the effort well worthwhile. The time I spend posting whatever it is I post is well spent. It keeps me connected to the world in ways that I never imagined possible beyond my own mere memories. I have recovered so much of my past in making connections with old friends; sharing photos, along with those little slices of life which make the past so attractive to re-visit.
So, I live in a shrinking world, and it will get even smaller in the years to come. But through these pages, and my own imagination, I am traveling yet. And I am glad to have you come along for company.

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