Friday, June 22, 2012

"Columbus Circle" with Beau Bridges and Selma Blair (2012)

Abigail Clayton, played by Selma Blair, is a recluse. The daughter of a millionaire industrialist, she has not left the apartment in almost 20 years. She suffers from agoraphobia, a fear of going out. She lives alone, insulated against the world. Her only communication with the outside world comes via notes slipped under her door to the building’s concierge, who keeps her supplied with groceries and other necessities. When her elderly neighbor is killed, Ms. Clayton immediately decides to buy the apartment in order to heighten her sense of security, or isolation.

Her plans are foiled when the building’s owner decides to rent the apartment to a young couple. When the new tenants move in, she listens to every sound which emanates from their apartment. Her new neighbors seem to be locked in a dysfunctional relationship, fueled by the man’s alcohol abuse and domestic violence. Her only other source of communication is with Dr. Raymond Fontaine, played by Beau Bridges. His intentions are never clear, lending a further layer of mystery to this very well paced and directed film.
A series of circumstances ensue, which bring the reclusive Ms. Clayton to a face to face meeting with the couple, rocking her world of solitude in a major way. Coupled with the police investigation into the old ladies death; which appears to be accidental; there are some secrets from Ms. Clayton’s past which keep the viewer a bit mystified, and in the dark.

Reminiscent, in many ways, of Roman Polanski’s 1965 film “Repulsion”, this is a film which explores the human psyche.

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