Monday, August 15, 2011

The Bus

I can think of nothing that says "I am completely out of touch with the people" more than this bus does. Aside from the cost of this behemouth, the excuses of security and privacy are bogus when you consider that this bus is being lead, and followed by, other security vehicles, fully equipped to handle just about anything that may come up. And let's not forget the air cover. Nothing, and I mean nothing, is coming within 50 feet of this bus.

I think the President inherited a lousy job, with every thing imaginable going wrong, even before he took office. But I have to tell you that I am sorely disappointed with his Presidency. Having lost control of his own party in Congress, while holding a majority in the Senate, and still getting nothing done which was promised in 2008, I do not think that I would be re-miss in stating that he just might need this bus after all!

I believe the American people need to demand that all of the former Presidents, who are still living today, form a committee to work in tandem and undo the mess which they have helped to create. A team composed of these former presidents, who are still all on the payroll, would represent both parties, and may be the only way to end the partisan politics and gridlock which are bringing America to its knees. It is an unusual solution to be sure, but then again, these are unusual times.

P.S. I just saw that the 2 buses- there are 2 buses- were made in Canada, while the President travels the country preaching job creation. You cannot make this stuff up! Robert / Wednesday / August 17, 2011

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