Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Billy C. Wirtz - "Female Problems"

When Sue and I first saw the Reverend Billy C. Wirtz we were living in Baltimore, Maryland. This was about 1985. We ran into him at a bar in Fell's Point. We wandered in and there was this denim clad, tatooed, convict looking guy sitting at the piano. We both looked at one another as if to say, "Do we really want to be here?" Well, we stayed, and have been fans of the Right Reverend ever since.

Part boogie woogie, part blues, Billy Wirtz can tinkle the ivories along with the best of them. With a style reminiscent of Jelly Roll Morton, Johnnie Johnson, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Meade Lux Lewis, coupled with lyrics that will set your mind reeling, this guy travels from coast to coast delivering his own brand of the "gospel."

His timing and comedic abilities always shine more brightly with each passing year. And boy, can he work an audience! This video is Mr. Wirtz in his current incarnation, sans tatoos and red hair.

As if his musical and lyrical talents weren't enough, he also hosts a radio show in Florida, which seems to be where he is based, and also writes a travel column for several mainstream newspapers. This video is tame, as far as his music is concerned. This song really highlights his abilities as a showman. With a seasoned performer like Billy C. Wirtz, the night is never a disappointment. Check his schedule out and be sure not to miss this incredibly talented performer.

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