Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wanted: Julian Assange - Truth Teller

This is the face of Julian Assange, the most dangerous man on the planet right now, that is if you believe the various governments which are trying to apprehend him for the crime of, well, telling the truth about their lies. That's right, in today's upside down, anything goes world, it has become a crime to speak, or even write about the truth. And, in this case, it is a crime to expose the lies of others.

Think about it, your government, along with the co-operation of Interpol, and even some of our own "enemies", are preparing to arrest and detain this man on a "rape" charge which no-one ever heard about until the "leak" of this so-called "classified" information. And if captured, rest assured, he will not be treated in the same manner as Roman Polanski, famed pedophile filmmaker. No Swiss chateau awaits Mr. Assange.

An organization such as WikiLeaks exists to publish government lies for all to see. They are a "watchdog" group. Whistleblowers. In a more sane world the government officials, who told the lies to begin with, would go to jail. Is Mr. Assange guilty of "hacking" this information from someone else's computer? Yes. And if it is a government computer, then it belongs to us and we have every right to know what is on there. Our elected officials are likewise employees of the people, and therefore their conduct, and communications regarding that employment, are also the property of you and I.

Think for a moment about what the leaks are about and just who is scared of them. The real culprits here are the banks that have acted in duplicitous ways, bilking the shareholders out of billions of dollars, which then have to be made up by the ordinary working guy; the elected officials who wage wars based on information that they know to be dubious at best. The empty cell that they are preparing for Mr. Assange needs to be enlarged enough to accomodate all of them.

Sir Walter Scott said it best when he wrote, "What a tangled web we weave, when we practice to deceive." I steal your watch, trash your banks and destroy governments. You tell on me. You're the criminal. Rat. Fink. Stooge. If Mr. Assante didn't leak it, then it never happened. Right?

It makes me mad to realize that the truth has become a crime. Diplomatic reasons, political reasons, and of course that good old standby - National Security; all fall short of the justification for the intense amount of secrecy employed by our leaders, both in government as well as industry. If they would just tell us the truth it would be so much easier for everyone. They just don't know how....

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