Thursday, December 23, 2010

Coachella Valley Insurance Services - Hackers

This is an example of disrespect. This outfit, Coachella Valley Insurance Services, located at 78401 Highway 111, Suite S, in La Quinta, CA 92253 feels that they have the right to advertise, for free, anyplace that they feel like it. They are an example of the bane of the internet, unwanted spam.

Honestly, does anyone really think that I would respond to this advertising technique with anything but anger? I have called the firm at the number they have provided in their "comments" on my April 2010 piece concerning the Battle of Lexington and Concord. The shame of an organization placing advertisements on things in the name of some phony patriotism disgusts me.

This is a non-advertising site. I have no paid sponsors, nor do I want any. Please phone or fax these people to let them know how you feel abut their phony patriotism.
The numbers below were provided by Patricia Meyers, for Coachella Valley Insurance Services when she invaded my site with her unsolicited advertisement for this firm. I urge all readers of my blog to phone/boycott this firm.

Office: (760) 347-5552
Fax: (760) 347-2858

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