Friday, January 1, 2010

The Spirit of New Years - Dick Clark and Ryan Seacrest

Low key New Year for us this year. Both down with colds and flu. So after dinner out we settled in with Dick Clark and Ryan Seacrest for a "Rockin' New Years Eve."

I know some people say that Dick Clark should step aside but I have to disagree. Each time he shares the stage with Ryan Seacrest we witness something so rare these days. For a moment in time the generations are united in a common cause - the turning of the page that signifies a renewal of hope and promise.

And the humility shown by Ryan Seacrest and ABC in acknowledging the legend that is Dick Clark is touching in todays world. Yes, millions are made using his name to draw viewers, but as long as he wants to be there I say Rock on Dick!

I actually remember my Mom ironing clothes when I was three or four years old and she was watching him on American Bandstand. She was happy and singing.

So it was a quiet and peaceful New Year here and I hope that the year ahead affords you the sense of community that was exhibited by Ryan Seacrest and Dick Clark last night. Remember, we are all connected- we are all responsible for one another. And that's a good thing...

Happy New Year!

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