Thursday, January 14, 2010

"Andy Rooney- 60 Years of Wisdom and Wit" by Andrew A. Rooney

From its' foreward by Mr. Rooney's son and all the way through, this book will delight you. If you have ever seen Andy Rooney on CBS you will hear his voice as you read his words.

This book is a compilation of previously released pieces by Mr. Rooney. Some come from his first book "Air Gunner" and are some of the most intense descriptions of aerial combat I have ever read. Other pieces are essays from the 1960's and cover a wide range of topics. My favorite is his essay on chairs.

Today is actually Mr. Rooneys' 91st birthday. He's still out there swinging and railing away at all that seems silly and mundane. Most of the individual pieces are short and quickly read, which makes this book an excellent travel companion.

His style and wit are both hallmarks of American satire. Mark Twain would have felt very much at home with Mr. Rooney. For 60 years he has graced us with his unique outlook on life. From print to radio and then TV there has never been a time that we haven't had Andy Rooney in our lives.

One of the founders of the "Stars and Stripes" military newspaper, still in production today, you will laugh out loud at his description of it's early days housed in the staid offices of the London Times. As the war progresses and the theatres of operations change, the newspaper moves with the war, bringing news to the fighting man at the front. Originally published in 4 pages, 6 days a week, it is hard to find an American soldier since 1943 who hasn't read "Stars and Stripes."

An icon of American Journalism, Mr. Rooney has given us quite a gift with this mirror image of ourselves, reflected in his writing. Happy Birthday Mr. Rooney!

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