Saturday, January 16, 2010

George Terry and The Zealots

We saw George Terry and the Zealots last night at the Evening Muse in NoDa. They were a real surprise! We met Mr. Terry at the opening to the Bechtler Museum here in Charlotte 2 weeks ago. He invited us to the concert.

With an energetic mixture of pop, rock and a hint of reggae the bands original songs and lyrics make for a cerebral and rocking listening experience. Mr. Terry is an excellent rhythm guitarist and doubles on his own leads. He is backed perfectly by Aaron James on Bass and I did not get the drummers name, but he provided the solid backing that lent an insistent energy to the bands sound. That energy and enthusiasm is easily transmitted to the audience.

The songs are rollicking and danceable with lyrics that range from the mildy amusing to wry social commentary. In short, he covers a wide range of the emotions and thoughts that plague us all.

Also an artist, Mr. Terry has some fine paintings. The best place to view them is on his myspace page where there are paintings and music posted. A local talent, Mr. Terry has been active in the arts in the Charlotte area for a number of years. The band is based out of Asheville, NC and it is well worth the trip to see them perform.

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