Friday, December 5, 2014

NC Music Hall of Fame Gets New Home

Yesterday the NC Music Hall of Fame observed the Grand Opening of its new home at 600 Dale Earnhardt Blvd. in Kannapolis, which also serves as home to entertainment and race car enthusiast Mike Curb’s race cars. His Curb Motorsports has been at the location for several years already, just a few blocks south of the old NC Music Hall of Fame which was housed in the old Kannapolis Jail House on West A Street. The new facility combines the world of NASCAR with the world of music; both of which are hallmarks of the state's culture.

This new location; all on one floor and Handicap accessible; will give more space and light to the museums already burgeoning chest of music memorabilia. The Hall of Fame has inducted scores of     musicians, singers and composers into the ranks since opening over 5 years ago. And with each artist inducted it has obtained more items, many of which are being displayed now for the first time. Imagine how some of the instruments feel; being freed from the confines of their cases after having travelled so far and wide with their former, storied owners. “I Saw the Light” by Hank Williams comes immediately to mind.

But, the heart and soul of this museum really belongs to 2 people in particular; Eddie Ray, who is the legendary A and R man; and his Assistant Right hand Veronica Cordle; which makes them both A and R persons. These 2 are a formidable team. He thinks stuff up and she actually makes it happen.

The Hall of Fame is financed by both a grant from Mike Curb and funding from the Arts Council of Kannapolis as well as the City. They also accept donations, as well as hold an annual 5K Race each spring and an Induction Ceremony every October.

Whether your musical tastes run to James Taylor, or Les Brown, Victoria Livengood; or even Thelonius Monk; there is something here for your enjoyment. Even Andy Griffith is here, alongside such contemporaries as Clay Aiken and Fantasia Barrino. These street signs help guide the visitors to their own particular musical tastes. The Museum is open Monday through Fridays between 10AM and 4PM; and on Saturdays in the mornings only. Group visits are welcome and are encouraged you to call ahead.

Even if you have been to the Museum at its old location, you will be amazed at the difference the new layout makes. These few photos don’t really do it justice. And to those who may be worried that the change in location might be a detriment; don’t worry. What the new building lacks in quaintness is more than compensated by the layout and abundance of new exhibits. Come see for yourself. The following links will be helpful;

For the museum go to;

And, for more about the remarkable Eddie Ray visit his Wikipedia page at;

Or, to purchase a copy of his autobiography, “Against All Odds”, go to;

This is the old Kannapolis Jail which formerly housed the NC Music Hall of Fame on West A Street.

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