Saturday, December 6, 2014

"Holiday Heart" with Ving Rhames and Alfre Woodard (2000)

If you have never seen this movie you should. We have all seen the tough guy portrayals of Ving Rhames. He's great. But after a while you wonder what else can he do? "Holiday Heart" answers that question. He can act. Man, can he act!

In this movie he plays a drag queen/transvestite named Holiday. That's right; Ving Rhames. And he does it with integrity and compassion.

The movie is also a social commentary about how we are all interwoven. Your pain is mine. Through a set of circumstances he becomes involved in the life of a young girl who lives next door and is being raised by a crack addicted mother and a father who is in and out of jail for dealing drugs.

And that's all I will tell you about this extraordinary movie. Except that, in the end, Holiday Heart proves himself to be more of a man than most. This is a very worthwhile film.

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  1. Great movie ving rhames is an awesome actor he really play this character to the fullest. My kids and i love this movie it has a positive message, to love