Sunday, February 23, 2014

Neil Young Live - Shepherd's Bush Studios, UK (1971)

I never really know what to post for Sundays. For awhile I was posting old country variety shows; then I switched to something spiritual each week; and for a while it was gospel music. Got some nice feedback; kicked up some old memories for a few folks; but I was casting about today (Thursday) to find something for Sunday, when I came upon this "mini-concert" performed solo by Neil Young in 1971.

I actually listened to it; as well as downloaded it for my car; and found it covers a good portion of Mr. Young's early career. There is some of his coffee house sound still evident in his vocals, which never quite came through when he was singing harmony with Crosby Stills and Nash. Something got lost; although the resultant sound created by CSN&Y was anything but unpleasant.

So, here he is, on Rooftop's stage for the very first time; that incredibly talented bacon lover from North of the Border; Mr. Neil Young at Shepherd's Bush Studios in 1971.

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