Tuesday, February 25, 2014

4 Non Blondes - "What's Up" (1992)

One of my favorite videos and songs was introduced to me by my daughter, Sarah, back in 1992. 4 Non Blondes was a group which featured Linda Perry on guitar and vocals. She's the one wearing the hat and dreadlocks. Great song and style.

The other night I was watching the final episode of the TV series "The Shield"; the one in which Michael Chiklis; as Detective Vic Mackey; finally gets his own prison cell as a government bureaucrat assigned to a desk.  The final scene has him coming to the realization that although he has avoided prison, he has not escaped; nor will he ever; the consequences of his crimes.

The song which was the backdrop fro the final 2 minutes of the show was so appropriate that I had never previously focused on the singer. But last night I happened to pick up the guitar to play along with the music (I do that) and realized that there was something eerily familiar about both the chord pattern and the style.

I came to the conclusion that it was Linda Perry, but couldn't remember the name of the band, though I was able to remember the song, just not the name of it. By this afternoon listening to the song in the car we both came to it right at the same time- 4 Non Blondes! And the singer was definitely the same.We came home and looked it up, too.

Unfortunately I  was wrong and Linda Perry was not in both bands. An alert reader caught the error in July of 2014 and commented below.

So, Linda Perry was not the lead singer for both bands; 4 Non Blondes and Concrete Blonde; which is the band I heard on the TV show, and sounded so similar. Here is the song which started the search to begin with. I couldn't download the actual scene from from the show, but here is the link to the album version of the song "Long Time Ago" from the 1992 release by Concrete Blonde called "Walking In London";


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