Sunday, October 6, 2013

Religion on Bumper Stickers

Many people display their religious beliefs on bumper stickers. From the ubiquitous “WWJD”; as if anyone really knows; to the more subtle ones; you can find them all on the bumpers of cars. But of all the ones out there, this is by far the most important one, as it emphasizes respect for one another’s beliefs. And that includes being able to laugh at ourselves, no matter what denomination we hail from. In that spirit I propose to have a bit of fun with this bumper sticker, the message of which I happen to agree with.

Let’s look at the symbols and what they represent, and then surmise what would really transpire if these different religions were to sit down and discuss something important beyond sentiment. To do this we have to look at this as a recap of a scrimmage play in some respects. In other words, what would each player do in this circumstance?

The C in Coexist is meant to represent the Islamic religion, which is why it has a star resting near the horns. That’s the symbol of the Islamic faith. It also dates further back to ancient times and the goddess Diana. The O in Coexist is the international sign for peace. It came about after the Second World War and the beginnings of the Nuclear Disarmament Movement.  It originated in England. The E is a combination of the male and female logos for Venus and Mars. It also is meant to represent the opposite sexes living in harmony. The X is a clever rendering of the Jewish Star of David, which is comprised of two equilateral triangles. The I is a Pagan, or Wiccan, Pentacle which rests upon the letter I.  It also represents the earth elements and beyond that I know very little. The S the Taoist Yin Yang also often associated with Buddhism. Yin and Yang represent the two opposite forces of nature, working in harmony. The T in Coexist is obviously a Christian Cross, which is a symbol representing Jesus Crucifixion.
That’s the real scoop; now let’s have some fun. If these different religions were to sit down at the same table, this is my impression of what would ensue.

First off, the Christians will never stand for being the last on the list. The meek may inherit the earth eventually, but the Church owns it now. They would insist on being first, putting them at odds with the Islamics, who are listed first, and would surely not yield that position. This calamity would have the Peace group demonstrating against the attendant violent nature of the confrontation between the first two. The E group of believers would make a good show of it at first, but soon dissolve precisely due to the fact that they are Venus and Mars, and if you've read that book you can see how that will work out.

This leaves the Wiccans and Taoists to battle it out for control. The Wiccans would cast spells using the elements which they worship in the hopes of disrupting the prayers of the Taoists, and probably ending in a stalemate. This leaves the Jews, standing just where they have for ages; in the middle; the place where it all began, with the others radiating outward in opposite directions.

So, what we need is one symbol to bring us all together. Let’s see, what color, shape and size? And who will own it? Even the Coexist bumper sticker is copyrighted, and in an effort to bring about World Peace and Harmony, they just might sue me for using the image. It’s copyrighted, meaning they own it. How can anyone believe that it is even morally possible to copyright everyone’s Gods and World Peace?

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