Saturday, October 12, 2013

"Old Mac Donald Had A Farm" - Screensong (1947)

Beginning around 1929 the “bouncing ball” type of cartoon began to rise in popularity. This was to be expected with the advent of sound in films. But I don’t think that anyone really saw the potential that these cartoons had in the way of becoming classics, evoking a long gone time and all the social gentilities which went along with it.

Think about it; does anyone ride along in the car doing family sing a longs of the old standards anymore? I doubt it. The rise of earphones, I-pods, and all the other electrical gadgets have rendered the family car time a void; with each person plugged into their own spheres. I doubt that any of today’s kids know the words to songs like “The Old Gray Mare” or “Shine on Harvest Moon”, or even “Old MacDonald”, which is the main event in this cartoon from 1947.

I know I sound old and curmudgeonly when I talk like this; but I can’t help but feel sorry for the kids growing up in today’s high tech world. I remember, with nostalgia, riding in the family car listening to AM radio all the way down to Florida before 95 was complete. Passing through so many small towns and catching the local radio stations, complete with farm prices. It was magic. 

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