Wednesday, July 10, 2013

My Forgotten Hero - William Shone Williams

I was researching my Grandfather William’s journey the other day and was struck by the remarkable course of events that shaped his too short life. I never met the man, he passed away before I was born, making him larger than life to me ever since I can remember. So, this is for the Grandfather I never knew, but have always been so curious about.

My grandpa had a metal plate
He won it in the war.
He wore it deep inside his head
And it sometimes made him sore.
My grandpa was a hero,
though no one could see.
He may not have liked the Germans much
But I’m sure that he’d like me.

Came home from the war
They said that he had changed.
I guess a war will do that;
Kind of make you strange.
Every night he went to bed
With the metal plate he wore.
Each time he got to fall asleep
He fought the war once more.

I never met my grandpa
He was gone ‘fore I was born.
He was only 43,
All tired out and worn.
He was only living;
that’s not to say alive;
I’d have really liked to know him
But the man did not survive.

Concord, NC
July 2, 2013

For Pvt. William Shone Williams (1903-1946)

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