Tuesday, July 30, 2013

M-E-S-S-I-N-G with the NSA

Here’s a way to have a little fun at your own expense. And, I mean that literally. After all,  you are paying the people at NSA to spy on you; even read your e-mails and listen in on your phone conversations; so why not have a bit of fun with your employees. After all, it’s your dime. And that building shown above belongs to you as well. So, let’s have a little fun with our “toys.”

Code everything; no matter how insignificant it is, no matter how innocuous it may seem; code it. If you are meeting the wife in a certain place, use map coordinates in lieu of an address and then turn off your phone until you get there. If they are concerned, they will have to wait for your phone to come back on until they can find you. And of course, you can always not really go to begin with. Then, suddenly, turn your phone back on and go somewhere, anywhere, and then back home, making sure to shut the phone down at intervals.

Take different routes each time you go out; they’ll spend an inordinate amount of time in trying to figure out a pattern to your movements. I’m retired, so I can go anywhere at any time, making me extremely dangerous, in spite of my being ill.

Just the title of this piece can give them pause to think. Does it really mean what it says, or is it an acronym for something more sinister? It could mean Multi Ethnic Socialists Sympathizers in National Groups. Man; that even sounds dangerous!

Of course I’m just being tongue in cheek here; or am I? Yes could mean no. Depends on the code we’re using today. And, also the person interpreting it. Here's a real cool idea - walk in backwards at every entrance you encounter which has a security camera. Walk up to your ATM backwards and then make your transaction. It'll either drive them nuts, or make you dizzy. Either way, it's a victory over the "norm".

There used to be whole books about this kind of stuff; like "Steal This Book" by Abbie Hoffman, and "1,001 Ways to Avoid the Draft" by I Don't Remember Who; which were both hysterically funny. But then again, they didn't have to deal with the cameras.

Word Just In - Private Manning
Just saw that the Army has acquitted PFC Manning for aiding the enemy, but convicted him on 120 other accounts of leaking classified information and disobeying orders. I wasn't aware that he had asked permission to leak the stuff in the first place, so you have to wonder what order he disobeyed. 

Most likely Article 134 of the UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice) which states that any item not prohibited by any other Order in the UCMJ is covered under Article 134. It was the charge most levied against me in the Navy for things like smoking in unauthorized areas; or smoking something un-authorized in any area.

Meantime, with the world in utter chaos from having too many secrets to cover up, this poor bastard is facing 154 years in prison, assuring that, even with parole etc., he will never see the light of day again. Maybe it's just my imagination, but when I was in the service we were only supposed to obey "lawful orders." Again, I wonder; verbatim; just what orders PFC Manning dis-obeyed which could ever justify the prospect of a prison sentence of 154 years. Let Freedom Ring!

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