Thursday, March 28, 2013

Keith Richards and Norah Jones - "Love Hurts" (2004)

Norah Jones and Keith Richards are two of the most mercurial musicians of our time. From Ms. Jones forays with Little Willies, to her own stellar career, encompassing everything from folk to rock and even jazz, she has it all. She sings, plays and writes; making her a true triple threat.

And, when coupled with the equally mercurial Keith Richards, who plays jazz, blues and sizzling rock and roll; even when not driving the Rolling Stones; you can get some very impressive results.

Take this 2004 performance of "Love Hurts" by the duo at a memorial concert for Gram Parsons, who is often associated with this song although he did not write it. But ever since his passing, Emmylou Harris has uses it in her closing set as a tribute to this great artist.

Parsons and Richards became  friends when Richards convinced Parsons to quit the Byrds, who were about to tour South Africa, playing to segregated audiences. So,  Parsons quit the Byrds and went to live with Richards for a while after that, with the two becoming life-long friends. He even played a large part in creating the solo on “Wild Horses” from the “Sticky Fingers” album.

Here, Ms. Jones and Mr. Richards pay tribute to Mr. Parson’s with this song,  written by Felice and Boudleaux  Bryant in 1960 and first recorded by the Everly Brothers. Gram Parsons did it on his  posthumously released album "Grievous Angel", which was released sometime after 1973.    

It has become a staple in the finale of many concerts, often used to lull the audience back down from the frenzy of the evening’s entertainment. In the hands of these two fine artists however, it becomes a tribute to a great friend and well-loved songwriter. Through his music, and the people who play it, Mr. Parsons will live forever.

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