Monday, July 16, 2012

"I'm a Sensitive Man" by Nick Lowe (2012)

Nick Lowe has been a force in rock and roll for almost 4 decades now. His solo efforts are legendary, and his all too short collaboration with Dave Edmunds in the early 1980’s supergroup  “Rockpile” was almost the apex of both of  their respective careers. But time has a way with performers like Nick Lowe; who used to be son in law to Johnny Cash, and even had the old man record one of his darker hits, “The Beast In Me” for his Rick Rubin albums; has matured like fine wine.  He has a certain elegance about him which draws you into the things, and people, about whom he sings.
His aptly named new album, “The Old Magic , released last September to much deserved acclaim, is filled with the type of music we have come to expect of Nick Lowe.  Take “I’m a Sensitive Man” as an example. He’s through playing games; and though he recognizes the value of his “kinetic” relationship with his significant other; he clearly wants to know what she really wants. It would be so much simpler that way. And he delivers the message with self-deprecating humor, which only adds to the punch.
Some of the other songs on the album, such as “Somebody Cares for Me”, are really upbeat celebrations of where Mr. Lowe is in his life right now; centered on being thankful for having made the journey intact, and with something to show for it.
The there is the laid back, and introspective track, “Shame on the Rain”; which examines the question of just who is to blame for Mr. Lowe’s melancholy; fixing the rain with the blame of his further persecution. It is a wonderful song.
The reason I’m telling you about this artist, whom I have followed for almost 35 years now, is that Sue and I have tickets for his Charlotte show in October.  It’s our birthday present to one another.  Sue is new to Mr. Lowe as a performer, having just recently heard him on NPR plugging the new album. And seeing him up close in a small venue like Charlotte’s McGlohon Theater is an added plus. It is a warm and intimate place for both the audience and the artist. We’re both looking forward to a great show from this talented singer/songwriter.

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