Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Andy Griffith - "Whoa Mule"

Andy Griffith, the iconic star of Broadway, movies and television, has passed away this morning at the age of 87. He will be missed. Before there was an Andy Griffith Show there was Andy Griffith the Broadway Actor, who appeared in "No Time for Sergeants".

From Broadway he headed to Hollywood, where he starred with Patricia Neal in the 1957 film "A Face In the Crowd", a searing drama in which Mr. Griffith played; against type; a drifter named Dusty Rhodes, a singing vagabond who skyrockets to fame, only to come crashing back down as the result of his own ego. In that movie he really gets to show off his guitar playing and singing abilities, as well as his story telling, which is what made him famous to begin with. Look up "What Is Was Was Football" sometime.
His "Andy Griffith Show", from the early 1960's, always carried a message. A liberal Southerner during a time of great social change, his shows were like lessons in life; don't lie, cheat or steal, and above all, learn to laugh at yourself.

In the above clip from You Tube, Andy performs with the fictional Darling family on his show. In real life the group played, and recorded, as The Dillards.  Some of the younger members of that band are still performing today.
There will never be another Andy Griffith. Thanks for the music, the stories and the love. Here he is telling Opie the story of Romeo and Juliet;

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