Friday, March 9, 2012

A Moment with Jupiter and Venus

I have always loved the stars and planets. To me, they represent the divine, the unattainable, and the mystery of life. I don't worship them, rather, I admire them. They do exactly as they are supposed to do without question, or complaint. They are the time clock of our existence.

Looking at a star that is no longer there; the light having taken so long to reach us that the star has long since burned out; always reminds me of the fleeting moments of time which we call our lives. Those years represent only a "needle in a haystack"; or, a lone grain of sand in a desert.

I took this picture last night in front of our house in Concord, North Carolina. There is a street light behind me, and several more down the road. But still, the majesty of these two planets remained visible, even through the clouds. The larger of the two is Jupiter, which is the largest object in the sky, at 9 times the size of our own planet. The shot is of the two planets setting in the western night time sky. For me, this was a huge reminder of just how small we all are.

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