Monday, August 30, 2010

Who Are You?

I'm pleased to announce that Rooftop Reviews has tripled it's readership, or"hits", since January 1st, when my counter registered 4,212 "visitors." Today it passed 12,600, re-igniting my curiosity as to who comes here and why? And how often? Am I just a one time thing? Is your visit the result of an accident while looking for shingles on your home, or were you researching a subject, and Rooftop Reviews had something relevant to offer? I am so curious....

Also, does anybody have an interesting story they'd like to tell? Send it to me and I'll put it up here. Nothing divisive (like my post on the Mosque Thing, that was one of my rare editorials) as I generally I like to keep Rooftop free of politics. I love stories about growing up, particularly in the South during the 50's and 60's, places you have been or things you may have seen, that kind of stuff. Send a photo and I'll put that up, too. Basically I'm looking to expand a bit, make the place more interesting and less staid. You know, I can be a bore.

So hopefully my mailbox will be even fuller than it has been, with things that I can share here, with others. And thanks for dropping in. I'm always amazed that people do.

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