Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hugette Clark - A Real Life Mystery

I have always maintained that truth is stranger than fiction; witness the Collyer Brothers. Now comes the story of Hugette Clark, the youngest daughter of Senator William A. Clark ,who is 104, if she is alive at all. It appears that nobody has seen her in something like 22 years. Her fortune was made by her father in the copper mines out West. This photo was taken in 1922 when Ms. Clark was 15 years old. Her father was 83 years of age at that time.

Her three residences, including the $100 million dollar one in Santa Barbara, California, as well as the largest apartment overlooking Central Park in New York, are all carefully dusted and cleaned, almost as if someone were living there. Fresh flowers are delivered regularly to all three homes. Supposedly she is in a nursing home, but no one will say where. Her lawyer and accountant are both alledged to be, or have been, convicted criminals. This is beginning to look a lot like the Howard Hughe's story.

A group of lawyers and business people, who have control of a victims assests, can imprison their clients in seclusion, as was believed to be the case in the Howard Hughes affair. They can then continue to manipulate and invest the fortune of the client, while at the same time reaping all of the profits. Is that what is happening to Ms. Clark? Or is she already deceased? With no heirs, her lawyers and accountants may have decided to keep her alive on paper for their own purposes.

Don't take my word for it. Take a look at the link below and decide for yourself. Make sure you watch the video that goes with it.

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