Saturday, December 26, 2009

My Friend Edgar- A Daughters' View

My wife, Sue, alerted me to the following post on my daughters Facebook site. It's about Edgar Allan Poes' grave in Baltimore, which we used to stop by frequently as it was downtown and on the way to Ft McHenry, where we spent alot of time. This is her view of those visits and I love her for posting it...

Sarah Ruth Hoffman - Me at the burial site of Edgar Allan Poe, Westminster Hall, in Baltimore, MD. My dad used to take me there on weekend afternoons. This was my favorite of all the old graveyards we visited. I would run around and look at the cool and interesting graves with him. I especially enjoyed looking for cracks and holes that... would allow me to peak into the old mausoleums. Before leaving, we would always stop at Poe's grave and say farewell. I didn't understand the significance of that place until I was much older and had read many of Poe's works. I had always thought that he was just some dude my dad used to be friends with!

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