Monday, December 14, 2009

"Let's Face It" by Kirk Douglas

This is Kirk Douglas' last book. At least that's what he says. I doubt it. His memoirs, there are three, are filled with such warmth and wisdom, they make you want to read "just one more page, please?"

Drawing on his extraordinary career and family, he seems to still get a larger kick out of life at 90 than I do at age 55. He admits to whining a bit after his double knee surgery but is quick to acknowledge the gifts in the life that he has been privleged to lead.

Life is filled with lessons to be learned and Mr. Douglas is trying to learn them all before the end comes. And he is so adept at passing on some of the wisdom he has accumulated during his time with us.

No plot line to discuss here- just a great read from an author who has seen and done so much with his life.

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