Saturday, July 18, 2009

RIP Walter Cronkite

Walter Cronkite, the most beloved and remembered icon of TV news and noted chronicler of 1960's politics and the space race has died. He was 92.

My own memories of him are interwined with some of my earliest memories of TV. "The Twentieth Century" was a staple in my home during the late 50's. Even at the early age of 4 I knew that this guy was important. I could tell by the very way he spoke. The authority in his voice was palpable.

In all of my formative years I recall him as always being there- sort of an Uncle to us all. Whatever we agreed or didn't agree on- we all loved Walter Cronkite.

My sense of history and love for the subject are directly related to his "Twentieth Century" broadcasts. They made me aware of a larger world, just as his "You Are There" broadcasts spurred my curiosity of history- how did it happen and why.

Today's 24 hour news cycle and it's attendant spin offs such as The History Channel all owe him quite a debt. He was the pioneer,the trailblazer.

Rest in peace Walter Cronkite. We miss you already.

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