Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Kodachromes- Nice Bright Colors....

Remember Kodachrome? Not the song- the slides. My Mom and Dad never went anywhere without a Japenese made Canon and shot Kodachrome for slides.

Holidays were never quite complete without a slide show- and the older the slides, the better.

The example above is 52 years old and from my own family collection of over 300 slides taken between 1957 and the last ones in 1965. The print of the slide is me pointing at something.(probably nothing- just told to point for a pose)

The images are reversed- you can see that are coats button opposite of the print version- which is the correct one. The explanation is that the slides were mounted in the frames backwards - but I wanted to show the borders.

And thanks to Suzy at Garden Lust Journal for the idea to put this on here.

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