Friday, September 14, 2018

A Poetic Progression

This started as an exercise in taking something I wrote at 8 years old. Apparently I also rewrote it when I was 14. So, I wanted to see how I would express the same sentiment now, 50 years later. It seems that I ramble a bit more than I did when I was 8, but I suppose that's not necessarily a bad thing....?

The sky is blue
This is I see
I love you
And you love me.

Later on, at 14, it came out like this;

In the sky of royal blue
A love so true I see..
Shall I join her in that hue,
Or bring her love down to me?

And now it would be something like this;

Can you bend your notes in heaven
once you've got your harp?
Can you play your heart in heaven?h
Or only play the part....

Do they make you take the things you feel
And bend your music to their will?
Or let you wail to hearts content?
Never to be stilled.....

I don't mean to be contrary -
And have God turn me away.
But if I can't be me in heaven -
Then here on earth I'll stay.....

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