Friday, November 13, 2015

Heart and Mind- Partners or Necessary Advesaries?

The statement was made on the radio recently that if the heart and mind are not in lockstep then you cannot accomplish anything due to internal conflict. I disagree and have examined my reasoning and have stated my reasoning below. I appreciate any feedback on this- ie: flaws in my logic etc. I will print the responses if you allow me.

Postulate: That the Heart and the Mind need be connected and in lockstep in feeling and thought in order to achieve coherent or productive thoughts and actions. (ie: results)

Theorem: That a disconnect of heart and mind leads to inaction and internal conflict resulting in non productivity or worse, a wrong course of action, or, even inaction.

Proof: (actually- a disproof of the Postulate and Theorem)

The heart and mind are separated for a reason. One keeps the other in check and allows us to explore the Theorem in an objective manner.

Each acts as a conscience to the other in order to "check" bad behavior or reckless actions based on wrong thinking.

For example: Raising kids- you just know that you want to kill that kid- in your heart you know it is the right thing to do- but your mind tells you no- it is wrong and keeps your heart in check.

Conversely: You love the child and know, in your mind, the child needs to be disciplined. Your heart breaks as you do what is necessary to rear your child properly, though your intellect tells you that you are acting in a responsible fashion.

If your mind and heart were ever in lockstep there would be no checks or balances on your own behavior or actions. Everything you say and do would be deemed, in your heart and mind to be permissible- indeed, necessary.

History is full of instances of this sort- and all were basically intolerant at best , and horrific in their worst incarnations.

Conclusion: The Theorem is wrong. Mind and heart together would preclude any real self examination since the conclusion would already be drawn that your actions are correct. You cannot lose an argument with yourself when your heart and mind are joined.

I suppose that if your heart and mind were united on a good thing- that would be an exception- but who can say that they can be trusted to label something good without any internal self examination of the motives and principles involved in making a decision when it affects others? And isn't self examination, by necessity, a division of heart and mind?

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