Monday, July 6, 2015

Apples and Oranges

CNN's Jake Tapper asked Republican Presidential nominee hopeful Mike Huckabee a question on Sunday July 5th which has created a bit of controversy.

Q. “Which do you think threatens to undermine the institution of marriage in this country more,” the CNN host asked, “same-sex marriage or the rampant ranks of infidelity and the high divorce rates in this country among straight couples?”

Mr. Huckabee wasn’t quick enough on his feet to answer the clumsily stated question properly.

The question itself was a popular method of equating an apple with an orange in order to make someone appear small minded or ignorant. The question should've been more along the lines of-

“What is it concerning Same Sex Marriage which straight couples feel undermines their marriages?" 

Or- Mr. Huckabee could’ve answered with a question of his own about the lesbian couple who are getting divorced after their wedding last July in New York. Dese Rae Stage and Katie Marks; both 29; are getting divorced after Marks met a new woman on the Internet.

So, Mr. Huckabee could’ve asked something like, “Will all Same Sex marriages be going the way of the Stage-Marks union in New York? Once the novelty wears off will we be seeing a massive amount of divorce arising from such hastily conceived unions? Do you think that the high rates of infidelity which were historically a part of the Gay lifestyle before the advent of AIDS, might make a return?”

Hey, I've got an idea! How about a real question which compares an apple to an apple?

Q. “Do you think 2 people in love- gay or straight- are; or should be; a threat to one another?”

Or even something less complex, like;

“Do you think that there will be any difference between true love in either a Same Sex Marriage or a Straight Marriage?”

It would be nice if the reporters would ask real questions. Who knows, we might even get real answers.

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