Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Guys Only - The Three Stooges - "They Stooge to Conga" (1943)

I’m half joking with the title “For Guys Only. But, I’m only half. Most women hate the Three Stooges. Something about eye poking and hammer hitting just rubs most women the wrong way. Occasionally you might find a woman Stooges fan; but it’s kind of like a young man looking for love at a Star Trek convention.

In this 15 minute short the boys go from fixing a doorbell to thwarting a Nazi effort at sabotage involving a U-Boat and a shore to shore radio. No one does Hitler better than Moe; and that includes Chaplin in “The Great Dictator.” I also enjoy the use of the few Yiddish words which the boys manage to slip into this one.

Filled with sight gags and verbal; as well as physical; hi-jinks, this one will have you cracking
up just as it did when you last saw it; which was probably decades ago.

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