Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Top 100 Posts for July

This is the "short list" of the top 100 posts for July. I say short list because I got tired of transposing it after 74. The program I use to track my posts does not let you copy and paste it in a user friendly manner. If it did I would post this entirely useless information more often! 

Actually, I use a really simple version of Google Analytics which does not have the fancy "bells and whistles" which come with many other programs. Those actually give you the latitude and longitude of the person reading in real time. Yikes! I can't think of a better way to scare off a reader than by placing them under what amounts to electronic tracking. I actually stopped following 2 blogs which had that feature. 

I can only tell what states (all 50) and foreign countries (58) are reading my posts. And I can also tell which are the most popular, which is really helpful in deciding what to post in the first place. Actually, to be honest, I just post what I like; this being what I call a "destination" blog. I do try to keep a mix of music, movies, a book a week, a story and a couple of other things each week.

But there is something cool at the end of this post; if you've evn gotten this far; it's the reverse side of the above list from WQAM Radio 560 AM in Florida for the 1st week of August 1969. It's the best illustration of a list I could find. Besides, it gives me a chance to dust it off and show it off. I've had it for 45 years.

Five years and almost 1900 posts later I am still finding stuff to put up here. What started out as a weekly book review quickly turned into a daily obsession with me. No big surprise there. The biggest surprise for me has been that people actually find it, read it, and some even come back for seconds. Thanks!

So, here's the "short list"; If there is anything there of interest to you just precede the words with rooftop review, put it in your browser and  go. It would have been a Herculean task to post all the URL's! And, at about 125 pounds, I ain't him.

  1. fowl owl on-prowl-quincy-jones-1968.html

  2. seven-foys-with-bob-hope-and-james.html

  3. its-only-me-chapter-19-usns-pawcatuck_25.html

  4. joe-seneca-bluesman.html

  5. sip-little-tea-with-goldie-smothers.html

  6. vance-hotel-statesville-nc.html

  7. candy-cigarette-by-sally-man.html

  8. james-brown-and-rolling-stones-on-tami.html

  9. 70-most-unforgettable-characters.html

10. its-only-me-chapter-18-merchant-marine.html

11. hoagy-carmichael-hong-kong-blues.html

12. jimi-hendrix-brothers-story-by-leon.html

13. the-frank-sinatra-spectacular-1965.html

15. baffled.html

16. dear-leader-by-jang-jin-sung-2014.html

17. dubrows-brooklyn-legend.html

18. last-photos-of-john-lennon-and-paul.html

19. errol-flyn-and-fidel-castro-1959.html

20. john-lewis-and-voting-rights-act-of-1964.html

21. happy-birthday-mom.html

22. liberating-dixie-by-ed-williams-2014.html

23. moscow-on-hudson-with-robin-williams.html

24. post-world-war-two-in-photos.html

25. eyewitness-to-lincolns-assassination.html

26. hugette-clark-real-life-mystery.html

27. one-meat-ball-depression-era-songs.html

28. life-is-like-mountain-railroad-jerry.html

29. spirit-in-sky-norman-greenbaum-1969.html

30. alone-in-my-home-jack-white-2014.html

31. dont-love-me-anymore.html

32. dubrows-brooklyn-legend.html

33. blues-story-shout-factory-anthology.html

34. shanghai-diary-by-ursula-bacon.html

35. marlene-dietrich-lili-marlene-biography.html

36. valley-of-tears-solomon-burke-with.html

37. don-gibsons-grave-shelby-nc.html

38. the-world-according-to-me-jackie-mason.html

39. occams-razor-and-talmud.html

40. the-wedding-july-4-1986.html

41. two-men-come-down-same-chimney.html

42. mint-museum.html

43. betty-smith-life-of-author-by-valerie.html

44. goree-state-prison-texas.html

45. romare-bearden-at-100-rodins-missing.html

46. going-my-way-with-bing-crosby-and-barry.html

47. love-me-or-leave-me-nina-simone.html

48. nixons-darkest-secrets-by-don-fulsom.html

49. cole-porter-begin-beguine-2-versions.html

50. donalds-diary-donald-duck-1954.html

51. supreme-city-by-donald-l-miller-2014.html

52. romeo-and-juliet-andy-griffith-style.html

53. man-on-wire-with-philippe-petit.html

54. petrified-forest-with-leslie-howard.html

55. guys-and-dolls-and-other-writings-by.html

56. vice-by-sgt-john-r-baker.html

57. world-war-two-ration-books.html

58. francois-villion-written-for-bridegroom.html

59. food-blues-by-shel-silverstein-recorded.html

60. aladdin-and-his-wonderful-lamp-with.html

61. the-caine-mutiny-with-humphrey-bogart.html

62. ants-in-plants-max-and-dave-fleischer.html

63. old-photos-every-picture-tells-story.html

64. societys-child-janis-ian-1967.html

65. nobodys-darling-but-mine-andy-griffith.html

66. my-father-my-lord-with-assi-dayan-2007.html

67. thoughts-on-turning-59.html

68. the-preacher-and-bear-jubalaires.html

69. 4-non-blondes-whats-up-1992.html

70. kings-highway-at-east-16th-street-two.html

71. city-on-fire-by-bill-minutaglio.html

72. doc-martin-with-martin-clunes-and.html

73. take-this-man-by-brando-skyhorse-2014.html

74. tempted-glenn-tillbrook.html

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