Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year's -"Knock On Wood" (1943)

Happy New Year’s to everybody! I watched “Casablanca” the other night. Dooley Wilson was in rare form singing “Knock on Wood” and it struck me that the song was appropriate for this New Year’s, with all of the challenges facing the world in the coming months. We could all use a little bit of luck in the days ahead.

More and more I find that each New Year brings only the hope that things will not get any worse than they already are. It feels like that scene in Eugene O’Neill’s play “The Long Voyage Home” when Thomas Mitchell, after being cautioned about the wartime “blackout”, cries out to the heavens, “Blackout, blackout! Is there to be no more light in the world?”

And that’s why I look to Dooley Wilson to give me some hope for the future. Whatever you’re doing today, take a little time out to knock on wood for the coming year. It can’t hurt, and it just might do some good…

 Dinner at Maggiano's 

Dinner last night at Maggiano's with the woman I love, then home with a bottle of wine and an old musical. That's my idea of a good New Year's! Best to everyone of you from both of us!

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