Friday, April 5, 2013

Carl Ford and Harry Warren. It CAN Happen Here.

For those of you who live elsewhere and may not have heard this story, there are 2 North Carolina State Representatives; Harry Warren and Carl Ford, both pictured below; who wish to establish a State Religion. Harry Warren represents Rowan County, which is a few miles up the road from me. He, and his cohort, Carl Ford, are both working hard for the elimination of religious freedom in America.

I don’t mind Mr. Warren so much; as he is from Rowan County and that explains an awful lot about him and his views. Mr. Ford however, is from my county and has just lost a vote with his mindless ramblings about the Constitution not applying in the separate states, as it says that only "Congress shall make no laws" concerning religion. Apparently Mr. Ford and Mr. Warren think that we are separate fiefdoms from the rest of the country, and as such, the citizenry here are not under the protection of the nations laws.

I try very hard not to let this blog devolve into politics very often, but when you attack; as these two fine examples of what is wrong with America have done; the very basis of the freedoms which we still enjoy here, I can no longer hold myself silent. It becomes incumbent upon me to ask questions of these two stalwart examples of representation about their proposal.

But, that is only possible if they would answer their phones. I have tried; without success; all day Thursday
to reach either of these individuals; ever since breakfast when I saw the article on the front page of the Charlotte Observer. But, just as slugs hide beneath rocks, these two have chosen to hide behind their answering machines.

So, I will ask the questions here; and then forward this via e-mail. I will happily post their individual responses, in the event that either one would care to do so. I will not be holding my breath.

Just what part of the First Amendment do you two not understand? And if you do understand it, then why would you deny this protection to your own citizens?

If it is true, as you state, that the First Amendment doesn't apply to the states, then what other parts of our national Constitution do you hold in contempt?

How can you, as either private citizen’s, or elected officials, hold in such contempt the constitution you honor when you wave the flags at the “pep” rallies to support our troops who fight overseas to protect the very Constitutional rights which you wish to eradicate?

What religion will be the state religion? Will it be mine; which is Jewish; or yours, which is Christian? And what sect of Christianity will be the one selected? Will there be fighting in the streets in the name of God?

Do neither of you see the similarities in your reasoning with that of the terrorists who would impose Sharia law on the entire world? And, will you be content with only having North Carolina under the banner of a State Sponsored religion, or will you look to export your goals to other states under the guise of State’s Rights?

Are either one of you Veterans of the Armed Forces? If not, then back off of my Constitution. If you are Veterans, then please tell me how you can square your belief in a state sponsored religion with the oath you swore when entering the service; which said that you would protect this nation from all enemies, both foreign and domestic?

These are simple questions which deserve some straight answers. Obviously there is an agenda at work here. And, as a citizen of the state of North Carolina; which is part of the United States of America; I demand to know what that agenda is.

Readers, feel free to contact these two misguided individuals using the information listed below. It’s too important an issue to hope that it will go away. It won’t. Unchecked, it will only grow and grow, kind of like a cancer. 

Harry Warren’s Contact Information



Legislative Mailing Address:
NC House of Representatives
300 N. Salisbury Street, Room 611
Raleigh, NC 27603-5925

Carl Ford’s Contact Information



Legislative Mailing Address:
NC House of Representatives
300 N. Salisbury Street, Room 607
Raleigh, NC 27603-5925


Thanks to all those who made calls and wrote letters, just as I did. We, the People, can prevail when we put our collective shoulders to the wheel.

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