Wednesday, September 12, 2012

"Figs From the Garden" by Sue

These are Sue’s figs. I don’t normally show photos of my wife’s figs to total strangers, but I am exceptionally proud of her ability to coax food from the ground, an ability that; as a native of Brooklyn; eludes me. She started with a small bush last year, and we both watered it faithfully at noon each day with about a gallon of water. We did this religiously, whether it had rained or not. And he results are in.

This is the most easily grown natural treat you will ever find. Eaten right from the tree; which the bush has now become, as seen in the photo below; the little golf ball sized fruits are a wonderful relief from the sun. And served indoors, merely sliced on a cold plate, adds to the delight. The bush was exceptionally inexpensive; it cost only about $7; and it bore fruit within 6 months. But you gotta remember to water it! The more water it gets, the juicier and sweeter the fruit.

There were a couple of days this summer when you could actually watch it droop while waiting for the daily watering. But those were the exceptionally hot days, when the temperature soared to over 100 degrees.
Up until now, my only experience with figs came in the Middle East, where the fruit is grown abundantly. But, through the imagination and hard work of Sue, my Garden of Eden out back now includes a fig tree. I can actually lie outside now, and when I get thirsty just grab a fig. That’s what I call being wealthy. Now I can’t wait to see how my cotton does. If all goes well, I may have enough to make a small handkerchief.

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