Wednesday, December 14, 2011

"Gift Wrapped" with Tweety and Sylvester (1951)

This cartoon is a perfect example of the change that came to animation in the 1950's. Aside from the cheaper cost of production, the subject matter became cheaper as well. If you watch any of the older cartoons from Christmas in the 1930's, and then compare them to the ones from the 1950's, it's impossible to ignore the changes. This is actually a Christmas cartoon, yet Tweety and Sylvester are kicking the crap out of one another! Don't get me wrong, I find the cartoon amusing, or I wouldn't be posting it. But you can't help but wonder how these cartoons affected society in general, as a whole generation grew up; me included; for the first time, in front of TV's, watching cartoons like this. Joy to the World!

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