Sunday, January 16, 2011

"Transfigurations" by Jana Marcus

This is a ground breaking photo exhibition about the transgender community which explores the changing perceptions of the human form. Photographer Jana Marcus is trying to publish the work as a book. This subject is something that I, personally, do not have any involvement with. Wait! I do. I live in this rapidly changing world, in which some people have chosen to bend the gender a bit, in order to be more comfortable in their own skins. Do I like it? I don't know. Things have changed so quickly within the short span of my lifetime, that I am often at a loss to know just exactly how I feel about a number of subjects. But that doesn't make them any less valid.

It's funny to see how accepting people can be when watching science fiction. Take Star Trek as an example. There is Captain Kirk, or whoever, and he is surrounded by fellow crew members who are often half dog, or ape, and human. And we accept that. We flock to see the films. But some in those same audiences would probably find nothing wrong with a little "fag bashing" on a Saturday night after a few drinks too many. Think of it, we are more accepting of the fictional than we are of our own fellow human beings. That's what makes a work like "Transfigurations" so important.

Jana Marcus, a second cousin of mine, has apparently been on tour with this exhibit for several years already, garnering a few awards along the way. Since I have not seen the exhibit myself, I will let her do the talking about the project via this handy little link;

Remember, before you judge the topic, or the photos, that it's a small world, and it gets smaller everyday. We are all going to have to share it. So, make room, and play nice. Thanks Jana, for opening our eyes to one another.

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