Sunday, October 24, 2010

2nd Annual Fall Festival - The Villages of Skybrook North

The Village of Skybrook North, where I live, held it's 2nd Annual Fall Festival yesterday. It was a perfect day, clear and sunny, about 70 degrees. In addition to the float thing pictured here, there was barbecue, provided by Troutman's BBQ, and various dishes and deserts made by the people, some of whom I actually knew, of the neighborhood.

At this time of year, as the days turn into nights so quickly, it's great to see all the neighbors planning Hallowen stuff for the kids. This year some of the neighborhood children will gather at a neighbors house for a pre Trick or Treat Party. There, they will be stuffed with things to prepare them for the yearly blitz of candy.

I'm a loner by nature, so I usually show up late for these things, and even then I don't stay long. But a word of thanks is in order to those neighbors, my wife Sue included, for taking the time, and caring enough, to keep all the neighbors engaged with one another. It makes all the difference in the world. It is the choice between merely living in a neigborhood, versus co-existing as a community. We prefer the latter.

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