Monday, September 20, 2010

Happy Birthday, Sue!

Happy Birthday to my wife, Sue. We are both the same age. Beyond that you will get no information concerning the actual number of years involved. I want it to be a Happy Birthday. But if you look in on this space in the next 3 weeks, you will discover my age, and therefore know her age.

This picture was taken in 1959 at the Pensinger Family Picnic. That's Sue in the middle with the short hair on her head and a smile on her face.

Sue hasn't changed that much over the years, still smiling. I always say that if it were raining shit, she would find a use for it, while I would be busy cursing the Gods. She has a way of dealing with everything in a normal manner, an art which I have not yet mastered.

So, this is my very public Happy Birthday to Sue, my wife and lover, as well as my friend...

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