Monday, March 22, 2010

"The Mighty" with Sharon Stone,Gena Rowlands and Kieran Culkin

This is the story of two young boys, one is learning diabled and named Max. He moves next door to Kevin, a crippled child, slightly younger than himself, who is confined to crutches. Both are picked upon and bullied by the usual crowd of miscreants who enjoy such things.

When Max is wrongfully accused of rolling a basketball into Kevin, knocking him off his crutches, a freindship forms. When Kevin is assigned to tutor Max in reading, an inseparable bond is formed. Max becomes the body that Kevin cannot have and Kevin becomes the brain that Max is not likely to fully achieve, without the help of his new freind.

Together they set out on a series of adventures all inspired by the book "King Arthur". This leads them on a journey of self discovery that, while baffling and annoying to their respective and over protective families, cements the freindship between the two.

Through their adventures they discover that while on the surface they have nothing in common, they share the burden of being the outcasts. Their freindship changes that. They are now part of something. They are freinds.

Although Sharon Stone and Gena Rowlands are the stars of the movie, the real standout performances are by the two boys themselves. As they discover the power of their combined weaknesses the viewer begins to examine our own shortcomings and the insignificance of our limitations becomes painfully apparent.

Great performances by all, especially Kieran Culkin as Kevin and Eden Henson as Max. Along with focused direction and excellent screenwriting this a movie to be treasured and re-visited from time to time.

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