Sunday, November 8, 2009

Movie Review- Vantage Point with Forest Whitaker, Dennis Quaid and William Hurt

This movie is not unique in it's plot,which involves the assassination of the President of the United States while at a Summit in Spain, the thing that makes this movie different is in the direction. The story is laid out in reverse from about 7 different perspectives. And as each one is revealed you get a little closer to the whole truth.

Very action packed, which is usually not my thing, the movie keeps you looking for that one clue, which you know is there. The direction actually pushes you to try and solve the crime. You feel involved.

An outstanding performance by Forest Whitaker. He plays the roll of the guy who gets it all on film but has no clue as to what he is filming. Nonetheless, what happens to him in the space of less than 20 minutes will change his life and alter his priorities forever.

Great film, a little different for me but glad I watched it.

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