Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween- Night of Magic

Halloween- a celebration based on chocolate! What better to unite us in these troubled times? We had quite a turnout for about 2 hours. The usual assortment of X-Men and Super-heros, along with a sprinkling of princesses and fairies. It's a great holiday to meet your neighbors, you know the ones you have nod and wave relationships with. Suddenly they are at your door and you confront one another in a face to face, verbal human transaction. And it's cultural,too.

We have some Indian families here in our community. They have had their homes decorated for about a week or so in celebration of Diwali, which is their Festival of Lights (kind of like Chanukah and Purim rolled into one!) and commemorates the death of the Evil King who kidnapped Prince Rama's wife. He returned after 14 years in exile to reclaim her love. It is also the beginning of their Lunar New Year and the tradition is to share sweets with your neighbors.

So we are all alike. I keep mulling it all over and always come up with the same answer. We are all alike- we all want some free candy and a smile from our neighbors. We all want to see the magic that we once felt, reflected in the eyes of the children at our doors. And we want them to pass that along to their children.

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